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As a Broadway nerd, I instantly devoured the "Come From Away" throw recording as it was originally released almost one year ago. I need to be honest -- first impressions weren't great. I could not comprehend why this series, which seemed to me like 90 minutes of Great Big Sea covers, was creating so much buzz. Maybe it was because I'd seen a number of the additional blockbusters that shared the exact same theater season to it and the other productions overwhelmed me I couldn't see how this tiny series could stack up. I had a friend, who watched an earlier pre-Broadway manufacturing, inform me I simply had to watch it and also the cast recording did not do justice.

So, alright. It is a major deal for Winnipeg to sponsor the entire regional premiere, meaning each other generation of the show, although it's travelled, has become the exact same throw -- the one that is on Broadway. This is a brand new cast and a new generation, and it is making its debut in the core of the continent. It is a major deal for Winnipeg to possess this premiere of any series, let alone one that is still operating in New York. That is pretty unheard of. And I am thrilled to report that all my pre-conceived ideas concerning this series proved horrifically wrong.

Cultures clashed and nerves ran but uneasiness turned in to trust, songs jumped to the night, and fame climbed into enduring friendships.

This series is deceivingly simple -- just one wooden pair, mismatched seats, no costume changes but for the market of hats or coats -- however if you listen, you will see how many complex technical details exist. The cast switches back and forth fast and seamlessly you overlook time is passing. The narrative never ceases and it was hard for me to peel my eyes away from the point. I didn't wish to. There was always something or somebody to watch.

It felt, particularly after coming indoors from the freezing end, this narrative filled my whole body with a hearty soup. As somebody sitting behind me after curtain call, "that felt great." Come From Away did some thing a part of art, theater or otherwise, hasn't done for me: it made me nostalgic for a place I have never been.